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                Company Advantage R&D Center Manufacture Quality Control Certification


                ABOUT US

                Founded in 2010, Aspirer has been specialized in the design, development, production and sales of portable power and wireless charging products ever since via providing OEM/ODM services to global customers.   

                By adhering to the understanding of consumer electronics products and the pursuit of perfect user experience, Aspirer are more forward-looking in keeping pace with technology trends and fashionable designs. In order to build truly safe, easy-to-use products, we have continued heavy investment in development, production and testing equipment and manpower every year. 

                Aspirer people see customers success as our own duty, take China's smart manufacturing as our own mission. In the past 10 years, we have solidified a professional team and efficient operation mode. With the advanced management concept and perfect quality control system, Aspirer have won rapid annual growth rate in past years, and have reach over 500000 units of monthly capability. We strive to carry out our commitments of rapid response, quality delivery and must achieve spirits. 

                ENTERPRISE SPIRIT 

                Striver-oriented. Creating more value for customer.   

                BUSINESS POLICY

                Honesty and trustworthiness. Forging ahead with determination. Efficiency and innovation

                ENTERPRISE VISION

                Focusing and dedicating in the industry, contributing to the society. Joining hands with our partners, to create a brilliant future together.


                OUR TEAM



                PRODUCTION  LINES



                TESTING  MOMENT



                ONLINE MESSAGE

                CONTACT US

                Landline: +86-755-26409987
                Fax: +86-755-26402325
                E-mail: eva.wang@aspirer.hk
                Address: 5th Floor,Bldg A, No. 2028, Song Bai Road,Shi Yan,BaoAn District,Shen Zhen,China.

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